Dakota the vampire

UPDATE - After weeks of speculation, it's officially official: Dakota Fanning has signed on to star in NEW MOON. Filming is expected to begin in April for a November release.

Now that Dakota Fanning is out of her cutesy stage, she's making more adult choices as an actress. There was the rape movie HOUNDDOG and, of course, the upcoming superhero action flick PUSH (where we get to hear some Dakota cursing). Now there's word she could go from being the lead villain in a franchise. No, she's not taking over for Mickey Rourke as The Crimson Dynamo in IRON MAN 2 (though that would be inspired casting), but she's reportedly in negotiations to star as Jane in NEW MOON the upcoming TWILIGHT sequel. "Jane" doesn't sound as imposing as The Abomination or Hannibal Lecter but she's a bad-ass, make no bones about it. E! reports that while the character is a "petite blonde" with an "angel-like face" she clearly frightens fellow vampires that are three times her size. Filming is set to begin this March so expect casting to move quickly so the production can keep its tight schedule (and meet the November release date). Chris Weitz (THE GOLDEN COMPASS) is directing after TWILIGHT director Catherine Hardwicke was not asked to return.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you like better, Dakota Fanning or Abigail Breslin?
Source: E! Online



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