Damien Chazelle-scripted The Claim being produced for a 2018 release

There’s only one thing you can do when you’ve reached what may seem like the peak of your career: just keep ballin’. That’s exactly what director Damien Chazelle is doing after he became the youngest best director Oscar winner ever. He’s going right into his FIRST MAN movie which is slated for a prime-time Oscar release next year, and now one of his scripts from years and years ago in finally being produced. Hear that? Swish!

The movie titled THE CLAIM has officially been optioned by Oceanside Media, and is being prepped for a 2018 release. Chazelle wrote the script more than seven years ago and it was promptly added to the 2010 Black List, the list of the best unproduced scripts circulating Hollywood.  Described as a dark thriller, the movie is about a father with a criminal past who, when searching for his missing daughter, must contend with another couple who claim the child is theirs. See where the title comes from now??

Oceanside founder Scott Clayton spoke about the project, calling Chazelle’s script “mesmerizing,”  “bone-chilling” and “haunting”. No word yet on a director or cast, but considering the desire to get it out by next year we can probably expect some quick developments.

When I read the synopsis I couldn’t help but picture Liam Neeson in the role, but he may be too old for the movie, and I’m sure his days of hunting down his missing daughter are behind him. No matter, the movie sounds pretty sweet, and along with FIRST MAN in looking forward to seeing Chazelle tackling non-musical-related movies – although I could never get tired of watching LA LA LAND or WHIPLASH. No reason there can't be at least one dance number in this dark thriller.

FIRST MAN with Ryan Gosling is currently set to launch on October 12, 2018.

Source: Deadline



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