Dan Stevens to star in Gareth Evans' period action film Apostle

F*ck yeah! Yesterday I got all hot-and-bothered about the prospect of a new Gareth Evans action film, now I get to be all hot-and-bothered about its leading man!

Dan Stevens, of THE GUEST fame, will be playing the main character in Gareth Evans' period action flick APOSTLE. The story concerns a mysterious man who finds his sister kidnapped by a dangerous cult, who then (presumably) spends the rest of the runtime kicking all sorts of cult ass.

This is great news! Stevens showed off how badass he could be in THE GUEST, and has charisma to spare. Can't wait to see him let loose in an Evans joint! Let's just hope Evans also has a part for RAID stars Yayan Ruhian and Iko Uwais (though we should be seeing more of them in EPISODE VIII). Either way, I'm pumped!

While no release date has been set, filming for APOSTLE is said to commence March 2017.

So what do you guys think? You feeling Dan Stevens in a RAID-style action flick?

Extra Tidbit: While rarely playing roles with his native accent, Dan Stevens is actually British.
Source: Variety



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