Daniel Craig on the verge of signing on to star in five more James Bond films?

As COWBOYS & ALIENS hits DVD and Blu-ray and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO hits theaters, Daniel Craig is looking to continue his most popular franchise, negotiating to star in five more James Bond films. Craig is currently filming SKYFALL, the last 007 film in his original contract, but producers are interested in having their current Bond stick around for a few more installments.

SKYFALL producer Michael Wilson said over the weekend, "I'd love Daniel to surpass Roger's [Moore] record and do eight pictures." That may be wishful thinking for an actor who's clearly got designs on being more than just James Bond, but Craig seems interested in returning at least for a few more films.

One wonders though how differently Craig would feel if COWBOYS & ALIENS - his first major attempt at leading a non-Bond tentpole film - had fared better at the box-office. (Even Universal thought it was a "mediocre movie".) DRAGON TATTOO will almost surely play better this week but maybe Craig is reconsidering life outside of the Bond franchise.

While I'd love to have him back for more Bond films, I'd also like to see him continue to try other things. While not all of COWBOYS worked, I thought Craig was very good in the role (he's also quite good in DRAGON TATTOO). What do you think? How many more Bond films do you want Craig for?

Source: THR



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