David Fincher and Gillian Flynn to partner on HBO thriller series Utopia

David Fincher's next film, GONE GIRL, will not be his last collaboration with writer Gillian Flynn as the two will re-team for an HBO series. Titled UTOPIA, the series will be a remake of the BBC series of the same name. The plan is for Fincher to direct the pilot, as he did for the Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS, while Flynn will write the pilot.

The thriller series aired over six episodes in 2013 on BBC4. The American version will follow the same plot as the British version and should air sometime this year. Here is the plot for the series.

The story follows a small group of people who find themselves in possession of the manuscript sequel of a cult graphic novel called "The Utopia Experiments" which is rumoured to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century. This leads them to be targeted by an organisation known as 'The Network', which they must avoid to survive. Using the manuscript, they must uncover the meaning hidden in its pages before the disasters depicted become reality.

The plot is definitely intriguing and reminds me of Fincher's THE GAME starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. That nightmarish film is one of my favorites and getting a series along those same lines could be pretty awesome. Fincher has shown he is pretty damn talented when it comes to the genre he is most associated with. The buzz surrounding the novel GONE GIRL has shown that Flynn is capable as well. The duo teaming up for an ongoing series is just too good to pass up.

Check out the trailer for the BBC series below and see if this project excites you.

Source: Deadline



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