David Fincher says "everything and nothing" changed in Gone Girl's ending

There have been reports from both director David Fincher and author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn regarding the ending to GONE GIRL, citing massive changes from the original novel were made to give viewers a unique experience when they see the film in theaters later this year. During a Reddit AMA a few months ago, Flynn backtracked saying those reports were "greatly exaggerated". So, which one is it?

In the upcoming Fall movie preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, David Fincher was once again asked about the changes from GONE GIRL the book to GONE GIRL the movie. Fincher answered this mysterious question with a mysterious answer:

Since then, he's had to contend with fan outrage over that comment and says we took his quote out of context. (We disagree.) So let's clear this up now: What has been changed from page to screen? "Everything and nothing," he says. That's, um ... not helpful. Care to elaborate? "You're not changing the marrow of the creature," he says. "You're just changing the bone structure and the muscles and the skin." Pause. "And the hair." He laughs. "It's all of its outer sheathing. But at its core, it's exactly what I think Gillian always intended."

Books constantly are changed from page to screen when they become movies, hence the term adaptation. While some films hedge closer than others to their source material, some changes are required to make the story work in different mediums. In the case of GONE GIRL, the novel's author is responsible for the adaptation, so whatever changes are made, I am sure they are not unauthorized. I would also take Fincher at face value and think that any liberties taken will be for the benefit of the finished product.

We will all find out for ourselves when GONE GIRL starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike hits theaters on October 3rd.



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