David Lynch reveals a few tidbits about the Twin Peaks revival


It seems that as the release of the TWIN PEAKS revival series draws nearer, more news has started sprinkling in. In fact, recently, director and co-creator David Lynch talked a bit about the new series at the Television Critics Association.

He, however, remained cagey, keeping things pretty close to the chest. When asked about if the new TWIN PEAKS series will be the “pure heroin” version of the show - as Showtime president David Nevins said earlier in the day - Lynch simply responded:

I hear heroin is a very popular drug.

Or when asked why he cast Laura Dern, he said:

I love Laura Dern.

He did talk a bit about the original show, like how he never (surprisingly) had any real problems with Standards and Practices, and why he felt it ended when it did:

What killed ‘Twin Peaks’ originally — who killed Laura Palmer? — was a question that we did not ever really want to answer,” Lynch said. “That Laura Palmer mystery was the goose that laid these little golden eggs. And then at a certain point, we were told we needed to wrap that up and after that, [the show] never really picked up.

However, he did give one specific clue as to what the new series will be focusing on:

The story of Laura Palmer’s last seven days is very, very important for this.

He continued, answering if the 18-episode series is all that is being produced as a limited series, or if it's the start of a new ongoing one:

You know, I don’t really think about those things. It’s always the same things [that matter] — the story and the way the story is told...I’m very happy in this world and how it’s going...There were no plans to make more than the 18 episodes created for Showtime, but he added, “before I said I wasn’t going to re-visit it and I did. So you never say no. But right now, there’s no plans for anything more.

Diane, I am excited and delighted about the news, as sparse as it is. I am hoping for the best, and feel that if any show can succeed at a revamp, this series would be it.

David Lynch said it best towards the end:

This word ‘expect’ is a magical word, and people expect things, and their expectations are met hopefully when they see the thing.

TWIN PEAKS will have some damn fine pie May 21st, 2017.

Over and out.

Extra Tidbit: Jack Nance, who played Pete Martell in TWIN PEAKS, also played Henry in ERASERHEAD (as John Nance).
Source: Variety



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