Deadpool writers comment on Deadpool/Wolverine rumors: "could become true"

It's now February, and DEADPOOL came out, literally, almost one year ago – and we still can’t stop talking about it. In recent weeks it’s been all about the rumored (and then proven false) cameo of the character (played by Ryan Reynolds) showing up in next month’s LOGAN. Though the shoot-down of the rumor dismayed a lot of fans, the writers of DEADPOOL, and Reynolds himself, aren’t letting that door close so readily.

DEADPOOL writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick sat down with The Playlist to talk about the rumors and the prospect of seeing both Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/Logan) and Reynolds on screen together, and though they’re titillated by the idea of seeing the two on-screen it certainly won’t be in LOGAN:


Yeah, that’s not happening. The tones are just too different. I’m not sure exactly where that rumor came from, but Hugh and Ryan are really close and they really do want to work together and they really do want to see these characters come together, so in the long run, that rumor could become true — that they’re in a movie together, but it’s just not Logan. And no, not even an end-credit scene.

Reese went on to clarify that though LOGAN wouldn’t work tonally by having Deadpool show up, that doesn’t mean the two characters couldn’t work well in their own movie.

I think the tone will absolutely work if we put those two together. Deadpool always needs a straight man, a foil, and Wolverine would be as good a foil as Colossus, just more cantankerous.

But, even though we won’t be seeing the two singing Kumbaya together (and then stabbing each other) anytime soon that doesn’t mean no one wants it to happen. In fact the matter is quite the opposite:


It would be amazing to have Hugh resurrect Wolverine in the Deadpool universe, and again, Ryan’s making a hard push to make that happen, and hopefully the public gets behind it and we can all convince Hugh to put the claws on one more time.

Reynolds has toyed with the idea of convincing Jackman to go in on a team-up movie, saying it relies on "the audience." However, aside from Jackman hanging up his claws for good Reese explained that one of the biggest issues with getting a team-up flick going is merely scheduling. Given DEADPOOL 2, a probable third film and X-FORCE there’s just not a enough room to have the movie everyone wants:

If you’re looking at Deadpool 2, if you’re looking at X-Force, if you’re looking at Deadpool 3, there’s not necessarily room for [another] team-up movie. I think it does create real scheduling and universe issues and something that could be ironed out, but it would need to be ironed out. I don’t think any of us operated under the assumption that it would be even possible to do a Deadpool/Wolverine thing, so we just haven’t planned for it, it’s still not in the plan, but if it were to happen, it would require a hard look at the overall architecture of our storylines.

It seemed too good to be true to think about Deadpool showing up in LOGAN, but that’s because the whole thing seemed kind of fishy to begin with. LOGAN is advertising itself as a gritty, raw comic book flick, and director James Mangold seems pretty intent on keeping it that way. That being said, it keeps my bones jittering with excitement over hearing these guys sound so excited at even the thought of seeing these two characters together. Maybe it could happen if the timing works out. The thing that’s holding me back a bit is the fact Jackman seems done with the character. Still…doesn’t mean Wolverine can’t stop by to borrow some sugar from Deadpool.

DEADPOOL 2 will probably begin filming this year and LOGAN hits theaters March 3.

Source: The Playlist



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