UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool rumored to be making a cameo in Logan

UPDATE: Turns out this was a false report, as Ryan Reynolds has weighed in on Twitter to denounce this as the rumor it seemed to be:

So apparently Deadpool will be making an appearance, one way or another, in LOGAN. Which seems...odd...considering these characters, and their respective films, are diametrically opposed tonally. It would be like Spider-Ham showing up in an AVENGERS film, or Rainbow Batman showing up in Ben Affleck's THE BATMAN.

Anyway, according to a report from The Wrap, Ryan Reynolds shot a scene on the set of LOGAN as Deadpool. Not only that, but DEADPOOL sequel director David Leitch was there to shoot the scene. Hmmm. Interesting. 

To be fair, many are speculating that the scene is in fact a post-credits scene, which makes a lot more sense. You know, end your film by reminding people of a completely different film, like ROGUE ONE did. I mean, it worked there, right? 

This also seems to run contrary to the idea of a complete reboot of the X-MEN franchise, as FOX seems to want to keep the current continuity afloat, in any way possible (even though it was already sort of dubious if DEADPOOL even existed in the X-MEN Cinematic Universe proper anyway). Honestly, this is all a rumor at this point, but let's hope it all works out regardless. 

Either way, LOGAN, starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart (probably for the last time), will SHNKKT its way into theaters March 3rd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: This will be the second time Jackman and Reynolds have interacted as Logan and Wilson, first having appeared together (briefly) in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.
Source: The Wrap



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