Denzel doesn't need to like you in first Fences trailer

This Oscar season already looks plenty packed with movies like LA LA LAND, ARRIVAL, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, MOONLIGHT and others all vying for top prizes. But as the season officially kicks off we will see little movies start to come out of the woodwork that could pack a massive wallop. One of those movies just dropped its first trailer.

FENCES, which has Denzel Washington pulling double duty as actor and director, is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by August Wilson, and is about a former baseball player working as a garbage man in order to support his family. But I shan’t say more. Watch below!

This trailer shows Denzel being just as Denzel as we want him to be—layered, intense, unpredictable, charming, etc. Viola Davis looks to be knocking it out of the park too, as both look like serious contenders for top awards this year. The movie looks like a passionate, aggressive look at the American dream from the perspective of an impoverished black family, which is something many would say our society could use right now. Reviews for this movie have yet to really pour out, but it’s gonna be one to catch for sure, let alone for Denzel and Viola. That last shot though!

FENCES hits theaters this Christmas with Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Mykelti Williamson.

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