Director Gary Ross officially decides to make his next project Peter and the Starcatchers

Gary Ross directing

Gary Ross may have made a movie that grossed $685 million worldwide, but that doesn't mean he's been sitting on his ass ever since - far from it.  THE HUNGER GAMES director has been actively looking at which project to make his next after passing on the chair for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, and was for a while (publically) juggling two projects: an adaptation of the bestselling book PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS and an adaptation of the succesfull-but-less-absurdly-well-selling book THE SECRET LIFE OF HOUDINI

But HOUDINI has since dropped away, as Summit Entertainment wasn't able to pull things together quickly enough to even offer Ross a concrete deal.  And so we move on to PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS, a project we observed just a month ago to be the most likely route Ross would take and the one to which he has since officially and fully committed himself.  All that remains now is to wait for the final draft of the script from Jeffrey Wigutow (IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY) set to arrive this October and then set a start date, as Ross is reportedly itching to get going as soon in 2013 as humanly possible. 

This project seems to be one of Disney's many attempts to put out a revisionist take on one of their classic properties, and as pre-production ramps up make sure to check back for more news as we hear it regarding casting and the start of production on the newest cinematic rendition of Peter Pan's story.

Hunger Games DVD crowd

Little did they know, the myriad fans picking up HUNGER GAMES DVDs were all part of a game Lionsgate gleefully likes to call "Hungry Hungry Hunger Games."

Extra Tidbit: I had a dream about THE HUNGER GAMES last night. I was ten, had a bow and about six arrows, and somehow didn't die. Wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles.



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