Disney to move forward with Alice in Wonderland 2

Seeing as ALICE IN WONDERLAND grossed a billion dollars worldwide, this news should come as a shock to no one. Despite being a mediocre movie, ALICE IN WONDERLAND will be getting a sequel.

Variety reports that Disney screenwriter Linda Woolverton is writing the screenplay for the movie. Woolverton has also written BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HOMEWARD BOUND, THE LION KING, and the upcoming MALEFICENT starring Angelina Jolie. She also wrote the Broadwau musical AIDA and is working on a stage adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, based on her screenplay for the original.

While the movie did have a huge gross, also keep in mind it was the biggest 3D release following AVATAR which would have helped the box office immensely. While I didn't hate ALICE, I also didn't like it very much.

It remains to be seen if Tim Burton will return to helm the sequel and if Johnny Depp would return. Seeing as he has a good working relationship with Disney, I don't think it is impossible to expect him back as the Mad Hatter. Burton is attached to direct MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN as well as a potential BEETLEJUICE sequel.

There is no date set for when we can expect ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2, but with OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL slated for 2013 and MALEFICENT set for 2014, it would seem likely that 2015 would be an ideal slot for it.

Extra Tidbit: ALICE IN WONDERLAND is the 12th highest grossing film of all time. What the f*ck.
Source: Variety



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