Director Doug Liman talks Splinter Cell adaptation starring Tom Hardy

While making the publicity rounds for his new movie EDGE OF TOMORROW, director Doug Liman shared a few details with IGN on his upcoming SPLINTER CELL film starring Tom Hardy. A new writer was hired last month for the video game adaptation, and Liman says Hardy is also working with him on the script for the movie.

“I’m working on the script with Tom Hardy. I think we have a great take on how to make an awesome film out of that.”

Tom Hardy is a little young to be playing Sam Fisher, but Doug Liman says everything about the the film will be younger.

“Everything about Splinter Cell will be younger. It’s a chance to come up with a new franchise that is fresher and newer and younger, and Tom Hardy is such an incredible actor.”

Liman was also asked if Sam Fisher's "Multi-Vision Goggles" from the video game will make an appearance in SPLINTER CELL.

"Some of the tropes of the game will for sure be in the film, but also the fun of that is when you lose them. To strip that stuff away and really make the character have to operate without it."

Some of you might be a little annoyed with the "younger" comment from Doug Liman, but it's not like Sam Fisher will be a teenager or a kid in his early 20s in the adaptation. I'm wondering if Fisher will be on the run for a bit in the movie since he might be operating without some of his gadgets. Video game movies don't have the greatest track record, but I have very high hopes for Doug Liman and Tom Hardy's SPLINTER CELL.

Doug Liman's SPLINTER CELL will likely be released sometime in 2015, and his EDGE OF TOMORROW will be in theaters on June 6, 2014.

Source: IGN



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