Rumors have the first footage from Duncan Jones' Warcraft debuting tomorrow

Duncan Jones has done something that Sam Raimi couldn't do: he made WARCRAFT into a movie. While video game adaptations do not have a very good track record in regards to quality film translations, Jones is a director that cinephiles have faith in. So, as he prepares to reveal the first look at WARCRAFT to onlookers at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, he has dropped some tidbits about what to expect.

Universal seems to be very excited about WARCRAFT and the potential franchise it could become. With rumors abounding that we could have a trailer debut this weekend, we can find out of Jones' pitch to Blizzard lives up to what he promised. There has not been a fantasy epic of this scale that has lived up to the bar set by Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS, but WARCRAFT could finally be that worthy successor.

Our team of roving reporters will be on site all weekend at Comic Con. With the Legendary Pictures panel scheduled for 2:30 PM PST tomorrow, stay tuned for details as soon as they are available.

WARCRAFT hits theaters on June 10, 2016.

Source: The Verge



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