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After KICK-ASS pretty much blew up Comic-Con, a huge bidding war ensued in Hollywood over who would get to distribute the film. Lionsgate, Universal and Warner Bros. were all locked in a battle for KICK-ASS rights with Lionsgate eventually winning out, plunking down a hefty $50 million in the process. It's a huge gamble for an indie studio and if it's a success like 300, they'll all be patting themselves on the back and sipping champagne. If it turns out more like THE SPIRIT, well things won't be pretty.

Long time JoBlo.com scooper "That Chilean Kid" caught a recent screening of KICK-ASS and he was kind enough to share his thoughts. Is it as good as the Comic-Con footage? Will it be a huge hit for Lionsgate? Read on to see what he thinks... SPOILERS lurk below so beware to those who want to go in fresh.

Well I have seen the Comic-Con footage for Kick-Ass and like any other nerd, I was simply blown away. The footage of the nerds at the comic book store, the guy in the hawk outfit, Nic Cage shooting kids, and little girls utterly dismembering drug dealers. I'm happy to announce that there is indeed more of all of that through out the movie. While the movie itself didn't blow me away it is definitely a great geek movie, but to far ahead of ourselves.

The movie is based off the comic book of the same title by comic writer Mark Millar, who claimed in interviews its the most realistic take on superheroes. Well it really wasn't that. We follow a kid named Dave played by a relative newcomer Aaron Johnson. He's a usual highschool nerd. He reads comics, has a incredibly inappropriate dreams about teachers, an outcast, and a usual nobody. Until one day he realizes that no one has tried to be a superhero so he takes it into his own hands to throw on a wet suit and do it himself. Hilarity, craziness, and buckets loads worth of blood.

The movie is basically an action comedy. I can't imagine many women being into this movie because it is very much a man's movie. There are jokes galore in the movie tailored for nerd. Think of the movie like Wanted, EXCEPT funnier and actually, you know, good. There was Nic Cage using an Adam West impersonation when in costume, "Ever see One Night in Spider-man?" and many others. I have read the comics and to be honest didn't think that much of them. The comedy never really hit me in the comics as much as it did in the movie, so I can personally I thought this movie was much better than the comics themselves. I've never prided myself on being a fan of Millar.

For the actors themselves everyone did a fine job. While Aaron Johnson was very good, the real stars of the movie are the murderous Hit Girl, played by Chloe Moretz, the ruthless mob boss Frank D'Amico, played by Mark Strong, and the hilarious Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) as the pot smoking RED MIST. Aaron did a good job but couldn't be helped but to be passed by these stars, especially Cloe. The stunts she performs in this movie are amazing and her character is the most unforgettable. Besides a certain car crash scene, she has all the most memorable ones. Now there were also Dave's geek friends who provided great comic relief and seemed like anybody else's' jerky friends. Finally there was Nic Cage... Yeh he was... Interesting. His costume was incredibly lame, not to mention the fact that he sounds like Batman from the 60's when he dons the mask, but he also sounds ridiculous out of it using words like child and having random accents.

The graphics were not finished as of yet and many tweakings like pieces of tape and computer shots. So no judgments there. The music was weird, the beginning with Superman music definitely makes the scene work but there was a lot of other stuff that didn't. They heavily borrowed from Batman Begins and the Dark Knight and hopefully will change that. So can't judge that. In the total it seems like a great start for a good action comedy made for guys. It reminds me much of Stardust in the sense of it's not a movie to define a generation (especially with one part in the very end I won't say anything but it is quite possibly the lamest way you could have ever ended the movie) but it would provide for a fun night with the bros and is good for a laugh.

Overall I'd say a 7.5 out of 10. Props to Hit Girl and Mark Strong once again.

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