Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are "hard at work" on The World's End

We're getting closer to it being ten years since Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost unleashed the first in their so-called Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (a.k.a. The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy) with SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Funny enough, I just randomly re-watched SHAUN for like the 80 billionth time last night with some new friends, and the film still stands tall as one of the very best of this decade (and a perfect litmus test as to who you should or shouldn't be friends with - my new pals passed the test, by the way).

Anyway, the second film of course is 2007's HOT FUZZ, and the third will be something called THE WORLD'S END. Edgar Wright took to the Twitters yesterday and posted the image you see below with the caption "hard at work..."

There is zero information on the project at this point, though you can bet you'll be seeing some green mint chocolate chip-flavored Cornetto in the film. The good news ultimately is that there finally seems to be some indication of movement on the talented team's much-anticipated cinematic reunion. Thank goodness. This is automatically better news than yesterday's lousy Oscar nominations!

Source: Edgar Wright



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