Every Which Way But Loose getting the remake treatment. 2017!

Of all the movies in the world to remake, and I mean ALL of them, one of the films that should never cross your mind is the 1978 film EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, picture the DVD cover with Clint Eastwood holding an orangutan that you passed by in Wal-Mart and went, “The [email protected] it this?” Yeah, it’s that one, and yes, it’s being remade.

Deadline got the scoop that the late seventies hit that even spawned a sequel is getting a remake with original director James Fargo attached as producer and Anthony G. Cohen tapped to direct. Cohen’s name may only sound familiar unless you saw the movie THE SEX TRIP -- so no -- his name may not sound familiar. It doesn't matter anyway because filming is planned to begin late this spring.

One of the strangest movies ever on paper, and even in execution, it's a road trip flick where Eastwood plays a truck driver with a knack for throwing punches, and he is paired with a pet orangutan as they travel across the West and get into all sorts of shenanigans. The movie sounds ridiculous, and at the time Eastwood was known strictly known for westerns and action movies, but it was a massive success making $85 million, $314 million when adjusted for inflation. Those are Marvel numbers right there!

The fact this is being remade is odd, but the production side of it is even odder. Cohen is an unknown name, and the fact it will be filming in a matter of months with no names attached to the cast sounds like it’s going through a bit of a rush. The movie itself is a strange classic, standing as one of Eastwood’s biggest films, so you’d think some bigger names would be attached at this point. They better cast the ape right, though. Nothing pisses me off more than a miscast orangutan.

The remake is set to begin filming this spring.

Source: Deadline



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