Ewan McGregor and Eva Green fall in love as the world falls apart in the trailer for Perfect Sense

The brand new trailer for the David Mackenzie romantic drama PERFECT SENSE is beautiful, heartfelt, and yet completely enigmatic. Ewan McGregor and the gorgeous Eva Green co-star in a film that appears to be nothing more than a raw and emotionally charged film about two people falling in love. But all throughout the second half of the trailer, there is a certain element that cryptically hovers over the entire proceedings. But what exactly? Here's MTV with more:

"Green plays Susan, an epidemiologist recently out of a relationship gone sour; McGregor is Michael, the charismatic chef who sweeps Susan off her feet and shows her that not all guys are a-holes. Sounds swell, right? And it would be… except for one tiny problem: At the same time Susan and Michael are falling for each other, a global pandemic is threatening to change the face of humanity forever."

MTV's description then continues on into spoiler territory, so I won't include it here. But simply judging from the great-looking trailer, the film certainly looks like one to look out for this year.

PERFECT SENSE will be making its premiere on January 24th at the Sundance Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: Eva Green, will you marry me?
Source: MTV



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