Exclusive: Shape of Water featurette dives into Michael Shannon's character

A movie is only as good as the villain, and in the black-and-white, horror movies of old, the monster was always the villain, and the tall, black-haired man with nice posture was the hero who got the girl. But in THE SHAPE OF WATER from Guillermo del Toro, the roles are reversed, and the man who would be the hero, Richard Strickland (Michael Shannon), is as monstrous as any sharp-toothed beastie. With this new exclusive featurette, you can dive down into the depths of Strickland’s soul and learns what makes this villain tick, and you learn that his motivations and personality are far more complex than that of a rage-fueled monster, and thus much more terrifying. I always knew the heroes in those old monster movies were up to no good.

THE SHAPE OF WATER recently topped the Golden Globe nominees with seven nominations, including for Best Director, Best Actress (Sally Hawkins) and Best Picture. On top of that, it’s been a notable presence in various critics awards and will be a force come the Oscars. I have yet to see the film for myself, but the film expands to more cities this weekend, and I will no doubt be checking out this wondrous-looking film. 

THE SHAPE OF WATER is in theaters now and expands to more this Friday!

Source: Fox Searchlight



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