FBI Agent Will Graham has been cast for the NBC series Hannibal

Hugh Dancy looking fancy

Since the announcement of an upcoming TV show about Thomas Harris' creation Hannibal Lecter, we haven't heard anything in the way of casting.  But today that changes, with the second most important role filled in: British actor Hugh Dancy (MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE) will play Will Graham, the FBI agent who calls Dr. Lecter his mentor.  William Petersen played the role in Michael Mann's MANHUNTER, while Edward Norton tread the same ground in Brett Ratner's remake RED DRAGON

Dancy is no stranger to the world of television, with several episodes of "The Big C" under his belt most recently (though it was his turn in KING ARTHUR that caught my eye).  Dancy is definitely an interesting choice to be a part of "Hannibal," and the energy he bears should provide a nice counter to the strong and chilling presence that whoever plays Lecter will bring.

Edward Norton in RED DRAGON

William Petersen in MANHUNTER


The idea to do a contemporary thriller-style television show that covers the genesis of Graham and Lecter's relationship comes from the mind of Bryan Fuller ("Pushing Daisies"), who has since received a full series order based off the strength of the first script.  From what we've heard I'm a bit worried that this series is going to become something like "Hannibal Lecter: Consulting Detective," with Dancy's Graham character almost an Inspector Lestrade to Lecter's Sherlock Holmes, but I'm prepared to be surprised.

Extra Tidbit: I wish I could say that the important part is out of the way, but there's still The Cannibal himself to cast...



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