Film adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis finds a new home at Warner Bros.

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A movie based on the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven limited comic book series Nemesis has been in the works at Fox since 2010, but The Tracking Board is reporting that the project has moved to Warner Bros. According to the site, Ridley Scott's production banner Scott Free has also made the jump, as well as Joe Carnahan, who is attached to direct from a script he co-wrote with his brother Matthew Michael Carnahan.

A couple of years ago, Millar described the comic as "if Batman was The Joker," and said that "Nemesis is about America's worst nightmare in the form of a costumed billionaire attacking a city and doing everything he can to tear it down." In case you missed you, you can also check out our interview with Millar from earlier this year here.

Here's the comic book description from Amazon:

Who is Nemesis? He is a son of privilege, an inheritor of billions from his deceased parents. He owns a fleet of the finest cars, a hangar full of planes and countless technological gadgets at his command. Donning a mask and long flowing cape, he's a man in white fighting relentlessly for a cause he believes in. But if you're thinking Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are telling a story you've already heard before, think again: You'll know you've got something completely different by the turn of the first page. Nemesis tracks the violent fantasies come to life of the villain to top all villains in an in-your-face, unapologetic tour-de-force of action, ultraviolence and over-the-top humor Millar and McNiven style!

Nemesis is an incredibly violent, but darkly hilarious read , and I'm excited to see what Joe Carnahan will do with the film adaptation. However, the project has been in development for quite some time now, so it will likely still be a while before production actually begins on the planned movie. Who do you think should star in NEMESIS?

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