First clip from Solo: A Star Wars story has some familiar music

Even after all the behind-the-scenes drama and doubt about revisiting a nostalgia-filled world with a young Han Solo, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is still on track to make a hell of dent at the box office and the hype[rdrive] is building as we approach the debut this month. Now, we have a peek at the first clip from the film, that sees Han, Chewie and Emilia Clarke's Qi'Ra outrunning some Tie Fighters and heading into some treacherous weather with some very familiar music playing as they do. It also looks to be the origin of Chewie becoming Han's co-pilot as he displays his prowess for flying (or, at the very least, being the only being to know what all those buttons do) and reveals his ripe old age.

We know that John Powell is doing the score here, but obviously he's adpating some of John Williams' great STAR WARS work as well, including the famous 'The Asteroid Field' track, which, quite simply, never gets old. Powell is a great choice for this (love his HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON scores) and now having seen this clip and another from CinemaCon, I think there's a good chance that *gulp* SOLO could be a lot of fun. We'll find out for ourselves soon enough.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY blasts (first) into theaters on May 24th.



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