First full poster for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 hits the net!

Y'know, I really enjoyed the first CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, and it was one of those kiddie pics that I rolled my eyes at when I first heard of it.  However, it turned out to be pretty damn funny and clever as hell, which in turn earned it a spot in my blu-ray collection.  Bill Hader as the "somewhat mad" scientist Flint Lockwood is awesome and Anna Faris as Sam Sparks, the news reporter who falls for ol' Flint is a blast.  Mostly, it's just a really fun flick with some heart, which is generally what I think films like this should be aiming for.  The directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who helped the 2009 animated pic, would go on to direct the breakout hit 21 JUMP STREET and are currently working on the LEGO: THE PIECE OF RESISTANCE animated film, but sadly aren't involved in the CLOUDY sequel.

However, I'm optimistic, and the new poster for the film, much like the first image, gives us a good look at what direction they're headed for the follow up.  I mean, food monsters was the obvious route, right?

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

After the disastrous food storm in the first film, Flint and his friends are forced to leave the town. Flint accepts the invitation from his idol Chester V to join The Live Corp Company, which has been tasked to clean the island, and where the best inventors in the world create technologies for the betterment of mankind. When Flint discovers that his machine still operates and now creates mutant food beasts like living pickles, hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees and apple pie-thons, he and his friends must return to save the world.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, starring Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Terry Crews, Will Forte, Neil Patrick Harris, James Caan, Benjamin Bratt, and and Andy Samberg opens in 3D on September 27, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Although she's a good voice actress, I'd like to see more of the REAL Anna Faris. Where you hidin' girl?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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