First look at Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who is here

This summer fans of the long-running show DOCTOR WHO were introduced to the brand-new Doctor, and for the first time in the history of the show the part will be played by a woman – Jodie Whittaker. This took the internet by storm with tons of shows of approval came from the Whovian community, and now the internet is going wild again as the first image of Whittaker in her new WHO duds is making the rounds.

Sporting a quirky set of colorful clothes and a very fitting coat, Whittaker looks excellent as the new Doctor and certainly seems ready to take on all sorts of dimensional and outer space threats. That coat is machine washable, yes? Space is very dirty.

Take a look and click to embiggen!

The news of Whittaker’s casting was announced back in July when a teaser video made its way around the web, and with the drop of the image, fans are already falling in love with Whittaker and her new look. People on the internet are dissecting the wardrobe, noticing all the nods to previous Doctor’s, from the multi-colored stripes to the boots and coat. 

Only having seen a few episodes of the show I can't even begin to fathom all the little nuances of the costume, but she looks dapper, and I'm sure she'll make a fine addition to the series. Certainly, there are some who are taking shots at Whittaker, those who don't think a woman should play the Doctor, but who cares? She's here and she's gonna rock it, so fans better start ordering their blue pants now to get ready for cosplay costumes.

Whittaker will make her first appearance on the Christmas special of DOCTOR WHO on BBC One.  

Source: BBC



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