First trailer for the hitman pic The Iceman, starring Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, and Ray Liotta

Based on the real-life hitman, Richard Kuklinski, aka THE ICEMAN, the first trailer for the film boasts a great cast and a detailed production that reveals a taste of the late 20th Century in all it's mutton-chopped glory.  Starring Michael Shannon as the titular character, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Stephen Dorff, Robert Davi, and David Schwimmer, the film tracks the real-life exploits of the mob hitman who is believed to have killed more than 250 people between 1954 and 1985, before he was finally captured and convicted.  He died while incarcerated in 2006.

Get "iced":

This has got the making of a bloody good crime flick with some mobster drama tossed in for good measure.  Ray Liotta in a mob drama is always a sure bet and Michael Shannon looks to be hamming it up as Kuklinski.  The surprising turn here looks to come from Captain American himself, who is barely recognizeable as The Iceman's mentor and accomplice.  Evans usually shows up as the clean cut good guy, so it's good to see him stretching his wings and trying out some new territory.

Directed by Ariel Vromen (DANIKIA), THE ICEMAN will show at TIFF next month, but no theatrical release date has been announced. Stay tuned.

Extra Tidbit: If you've never seen The Iceman Tapes, they really are "chilling" to watch. Fascinating and frightening at the same time. Check 'em out on YouTube, but not if you're feint of heart.
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