Fox crafting Mr. Men animated feature based on children's book series

If it exists, we must make it into a film! That's Hollywood's rallying cry these days, and no piece of intellectual property is safe from a film treatment. The latest casuality of war is now the Mr. Men series of books which you may recognize above from your childhood.

Fox wants to turn the series by Roger Hargreaves into an animated feature with an assuredly A-list roster of voice talent.If you'll recall, each book focused on a character with a dominant personality trait reflected in their name like Mr. Happy, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Messy and so on.

There's no writer or director yet, and I'm not sure if this is going to be an updated CGI version of the books, or if they'll stick with the traditional hand-drawn style. There have been four TV series made based off the characters, so it's possible they'll draw from them as well.

I suppose there are worse ideas to glean a children's movie from, and I'm curious to see who will become attached to his project. As you can see above, that's a lot of roles to fill, and if Fox calls in enough favors, this cast could rival THE MUPPETS.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sure a "Little Miss" sequel has already been greenlighted.
Source: THR



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