Get ready for 90's nostalgia as Extreme Liefeld cinematic universe coming

So it seems Rob Liefeld and Akiva Goldsman are teaming up to create something called, no joke, the "Extreme Cinematic Universe". 80's nostalgia is officially dead people, and that sentence just killed it.

Apparently they're setting up this universe with a bunch of comic-book characters that sound like the line-up for a metal concert:

The Extreme Universe banner includes 9 comic book titles and nearly 100 characters – Bloodstrike, Brigade, Lethal, Re‐Gex, Cybrid, Bloodwulf, Battlestone, Kaboom, and Nitro‐Gen among them.

And here's what the Lie-man had say about the whole thing:

Over the past nearly 25 years, since launching Image Comics, I’ve been lucky enough to see the power of these stories and characters as they’ve resonated with several generations of comic book fans. To now be able to work with Akiva Goldsman and Graham King, who are powerhouses in their own right, to bring these compelling characters and conflicts to life on the big screen is nothing short of a dream come true!

Now, while it's sometimes fun to shit on the 90's EXXXTREME-era of comics, that's honestly when I came of age as a comic-book fan. Image Comics, which Liefeld co-created with Todd McFarlane and a few other disgruntled comic artists as an alternative to the big two, made some damn memorable comics (most notably Spawn and Maxx, two comic characters I still hold dear to my heart). Admittedly there is a certain adolescent mentality to the "gritty" violence and tortured anti-heroes of many of their early titles, but you know what? It led to some f*cking kick-ass art. Hell, I even like Liefeld for the most part,

But what do you Schmoes think? You guys grow up with 90s comics too? And if so, you excited for the Extreme Cinematic Universe?

Extra Tidbit: Rob Liefeld once created a comic where Jesus got off the cross to beat the shit out of Zeus.



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