Go back in time with a new episode of Where It Was Made: Back To The Future!

Welcome to another episode of our web-series, Where It Was Made, in which we revisit the actual filming locations for some of the most popular films ever made and see how they're holding up today, all while examining just how these locations were used in the finished film. Our newest episode goes back in time to revisit the sets and locales of Robert Zemeckis' 1985 classic, BACK TO THE FUTURE. Host Ryan Cultera hops in a real-life DeLoreon and hits the road, taking in some of the most memorable locations from the film, including Hill Valley high, the clocktower, Twin (Lone) Pine Mall, and so much more! Ryan is also joined by screenwriter Bob Gale, who offers even more insight into the making of the film! So hop in and take a ride BACK TO THE FUTURE!

When this thing hits 88 miles per hour...you're gonna see some serious shit:

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