Halle Berry lines up a new gig swapping shoes with Addicts

Berry has been pretty much dormant from acting since X-MEN 3 in 2006 and THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE and PERFECT STRANGER is 2007, strange for someone who is one of the hottest women alive and has an Oscar under her belt.

Now she’s set to take the lead in SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS, about a group of women who love shoes and meet up to trade them as they all wear the same size. There’s a joke about them becoming “sole sisters” that I’d rather not repeat, yet I guess I just did. Not exactly how you get very much drama out of this concept, as at least the Sex and the City girls were having, you know, sex. Anyone out there read this book series? Yeah, that’s a longshot for the audience at JoBlo I’d say.

Looking back at Halle Berry’s career to write this post, to be honest it seems exceedingly random that this woman has won an Oscar. She was Storm in all three X-MEN movies, but I’ll be damned if I can remember a thing she really contributed. She was one of the worst Bond girls ever in DIE ANOTHER DAY (“Who sent you?” “You momma!”) and she’s also starred in the lackluster cluster of GOTHIKA, CATWOMAN, PERFECT STRANGER and SWORDFISH, the latter of which she’s best known for getting paid a hefty bonus to show her boobs for 1.2 seconds.

MONSTER’S BALL seems like a complete fluke amidst all this, and yet again, the thing most people take away from that performance is the hardcore sex scene she had with Billy Bob Thornton. I guess that was…bold? Everyone considers her “A-list” because of that statue, but other than that one role, I’m not sure what else she’s done that comes anywhere close to deserving that title.

I don’t know, I didn’t really mean to make this a Halle Berry career retrospective, but I don’t have much to say about swapping shoes, and I’d never really thought about it before. As most of us were, I was too busy staring at these:


I dare you to find me a better red carpet celebrity cleavage shot. That is an official challenge. Christina Hendricks is cheating.

Extra Tidbit: Other rumored projects Berry’s attached to are WHO IS DORA PAYNE, THE SURROGATE and DARK TIDE. But we haven’t heard anything substantial about any of those in at least a year now.
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