Halloween expected to slash up $70-80 million this weekend

About a month ago the initial box office projections for the new HALLOWEEN predicted the movie would open to a slasher-ific $50-60 million weekend, challenging GRAVITY for the best opening weekend in October. But now those numbers have shifted a bit, and are now much more positive, with projections now placed at around $70-80 million for the upcoming weekend. With that much money, Michael Myers can afford a bigger knife for all his slicing and dicing needs.

The estimates come from a variety of sources, such as THR and BoxOffice Pro, with the latter placing their weekend estimates towards the higher end of expectations. Should it reach that lofty $80 million total, it would be within a few hundred thousand bucks of VENOM’s recent record-shattering frame. Shooting to even $81 million would give HALLOWEEN the October opening record, which would it make it the more befitting champion of the month.

What’s helping the movie are the terrific reviews, and it currently stands at an 83% “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, which is just about the same as the percent for last year’s IT, yet another highly-anticipated horror movie that opened big. On top of that, the movie’s major competition is repeated business of VENOM and A STAR IS BORN, with the only new releases being expanded theater counts for THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN and THE HATE U GIVE.

Our own JimmyO recently got to see the movie, and in his review, praised the movie as, without a doubt, the best outing since the original: 

HALLOWEEN (2018) is the best sequel in the franchise as well as a terrific film on its own. Instead of typical teen fodder, you actually care about the fate of those who come across Michael Myers. In fact, one kill is so surprising that it left me wondering how dark they would go. And yes, the deaths are gruesome without going full on gross out. Michael Myers may be older, but he certainly hasn’t slowed down. 

Horror movies tend to open big, much like last month’s THE NUN. If the movie is met with great reviews the total can be even bigger, so HALLOWEEN has a great shot of meeting the higher end of these projections and could easily top recent record breaker VENOM. We will know more when the numbers come in for the preview shows tonight, so stick around to see just how much cash this HALLOWEEN will bring in.

HALLOWEEN hits theaters everywhere tomorrow with early shows tonight!

Source: THRBoxOffice Pro



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