Halloween Opens to $77.5 Million, Second Best October Box Office Ever

Michael Myers slashed his way back into theaters this weekend with a whopping $77.5 opening weekend, coming in hot at the second best October box office of all time. Trailing just behind VENOM's $80.3 million, David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN nearly took over the mega superhero movie's spot just a week after the Marvel comics character shattered expectations.

Serving as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 cult classic, HALLOWEEN tells the story of a severly traumatized Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) who still finds herself distraught during the annual holiday forty years later. A mother to Karen (Judy Greer) and a grandmother to Allyson (Andi Matichak), Laurie struggles to teach the women in her life how defend themselves against the inevitable, while simultaneously attempting to maintain a somewhat normal relationship with her kin. Sadly for everyone involved, all hell breaks loose when Michael Myers escapes from Smith's Grove sanitarium and brings the long avoided trauma straight to the Strode's doorstep, as the Shape slashes his way back to his roots on the long awaited evening when He finally comes home.

Although Myers' trip back to Haddonfield didn't completely de-throne the Spiderverse symbiote, it did set a few records of its own -- and we're not just talking about Myers' ultra gory body count. Aside from Blumhouse's overall impactful fall season profits, the 2018 HALLOWEEN is also the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead, which becomes all the more powerful when one considers that the lead in question, queen Jamie Lee Curtis, is actually over 55 years old. This also marks the series' best debut ever, sailing past Rob Zombie's $26.4 million debut, and well on its way to collect an estimated $14.3 million overseas.

Laurie Strode herself took to Twitter to celebrate:

HALLOWEEN is in theaters everywhere now -- do you dare celebrate the season in style?

Source: EWTwitter



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