Tony Hawk documentary in the works

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

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I'm fairly stoked to report that everyone's favorite sidewalk surfer, Tony Hawk, will be the subject of a new feature documentary from filmmaker-photographer Sam Jones (I Am Trying to Break Your HeartLost Songs: The Basement Tapes). The doc has yet to receive a title, though we know it will explore the life and career of the 53-year-old sky shredder.

“We have already shot everything for it, it’s just in the editing process,” Hawk tells Variety, adding that he was fully on-board for Jones's vision. “I definitely wanted to give them as much footage and interview as possible.”

This marks the second time that Hawk and Jones have collaborated on a project after the skateboarder appeared on the first season of Off Camera with Sam Jones, an interview-style TV series.

Known throughout the skateboarding community as a genuine soul and master of his craft, Hawk is also the subject of Activision's Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series. There have been 21 games in the franchise so far, with the latest, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2, having sold more than one million copies within its first month of release.

For the moment, Jones plans to release the documentary sometime this fall, with a wide release expected for 2022.

Source: Variety

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