It's on after school in first Fist Fight trailer & poster

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! I say that because yesterday the first FIST FIGHT images dropped, and now we have the first footage and it's…uh…it sounded better in my head. Anyway, the FIST FIGHT trailer is here!

As I said, yesterday the first images were dropped for the fight comedy, under the assumption we would get a trailer sometime soon. But by soon I didn’t think in less than 24 hours, and neither did the rest of the world. None of us knew, and no one prepared. Now we have to rebuild…move on. But first watch the trailer.

The movie with Charlie Day and Ice Cube is about two teachers who are going to fight after school, and clearly all hell breaks loose. The trailer certainly emphasizes that. This movie looks legitimately insane, as far as comedies go, and is quickly becoming one of my most anticpated movies of the spring season. It seems to be fully embracing the lunacy of its premise. It’s crazy as a statement on the education system, perhaps? Yeah, complex thought for the win!

It's on between Ice Cube and Charlie Day February 17, 2017.

Source: YouTubeWarner Bros.



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