First images from Cyber starring Chris Hemsworth; possibly retitled Blackhat

It was September last year when we last spoke about Michael Mann's cyber-terrorism movie starring Chris Hemsworth which at the time was going by the name CYBER. While we don’t have any official plot details yet, we do have the first unofficial images from the film and a hint of a possible new title.

Hemsworth shared some information about his character and the movie a few months back saying:

“I just finished it. It's based in the world of cyber-terrorism. Basically, something similar to the Chicago Board of Trade is hacked into and it sets off a chain of events around the world, affecting the stock market. And the code that was used to hack into it, my character had written it years before and he happens to be in prison for cyber crime. He is pulled out and offered a deal if he works with a joint task force of the FBI and the Chinese government in trying to track this guy down. It starts off in Chicago and ends up in Kuala Lumpur, in Hong Kong and in Jakarta. It's this sort of cat-and-mouse international heist-thriller."

Whenever there is a Mann movie on the horizon, most of us take notice. You think of a bank heist, you‘re thinking of HEAT.  You think of Tom Cruise as a badass, you’re thinking of COLLATERAL. The man makes memories and moments in his movies that will stand the test of time; let’s hope this next one delivers. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser soon and an official plot, but in the meantime, check out the stills below. They feature Hemsworth and his co-star Holt McCallany.

This one comes courtesy of McCallany’s Twitter account, along with the possible new title of BLACKHAT, but that could also be a working title.

Also starring Viola Davis, Archie Kao, and William Mapother, the film is expected to open January 16, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Michael Mann movie?
Source: ScreenWeek



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