Impress your friends by introducing them to Fidget Spinner: The Movie

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From the makers of STAR WARS, BATMAN, and SONGS IN REAL LIFE, comes a film about destiny, invasion, sweat, masculine sweat, and the most underestimated danger to our society of all time, fidget spinners! That's right, kids, it's FIDGET SPINNER: THE MOVIE!

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This film has got it all: Jets, tanks, Kid's Choice Award nominee Sarazar, Oscar Award winner Tom Hanks, and the famous comedy twins, Y-titty! In FIDGET SPINNER: THE MOVIE, a young boy unearths what looks like a rudimentary toy from a fallen tree trunk. Once activated, the mysterious object takes to the sky, and summons a legion of invading fidget spinners to wipe out all of mankind. With the stakes higher than ever, the job of saving the world falls to Lieutenant Whiteman and a reluctant Proffesor Fidget to stave off the attack.

You can watch the trailer for the film yourself by using the player below:

So far, FIDGET SPINNER: THE MOVIE has been nominated for an astounding total of 73 Oscars, and, like the toy upon which the film is based, the new cinematic action thrill ride hopes to take the world by storm!

Additionally, most of what you've just read is ludicrously false, except for the part about Julien Bam presenting one hell of a hilarious concept via his Youtube channel.

You can expect FIDGET SPINNER: THE MOVIE to trick and spin its way into theaters sometime close to never


Extra Tidbit: My record for balancing fidget spinners is seven, all at once. What's yours?
Source: Youtube



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