INT: Jeremy Davies

There is nothing more refreshing and inspiring than meeting an exceptionally talented actor who is genuinely sincere and unconventionally humble. Jeremy Davies displays a palpable sincerity and kind honesty, which is impressive and rare to encounter in Hollywood . His previous credits, for which he received great acclaim for, include SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, SOLARIS and SPANKING THE MONKEY. In Werner Herzog’s upcoming war adventure RESCUE DAWN, Davies incarnates the role of Gene, an American soldier imprisoned in a POW camp in the Laotian jungle. Held captive for nearly two years, Davies characterizes the nearly insane soldier with discernible conviction.

It was a truly delightful experience speaking with the driven, dedicated and modest talent. He confessed that while he seeks challenging film opportunities, his infallible aspiration and motivation is to work with and learn from all legendary directors. However, Davies put the icing on the cake when he expressed his adoration and admiration for JoBlo.com! Check out what the super cool “joblo.com fan” and talented actor had to say when he sat down to talk about RESCUE DAWN, roughing it in the jungle and working with Herzog the great.

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