Is Game of Thrones getting ready to film The Red Wedding?

GAME OF THRONES fans, this is your spoiler warning. If you have not read the George RR Martin novels or wish to keep everything fresh, turn away from this story now. I will not be held responsible for your anger and frustration if you continue reading this story. You have been warned.

For those of you who are still reading, you need to know that a major event is coming to GAME OF THRONES. The upcoming third season is getting ready to film a major moment that will change the show forever. Westeros.org is reporting on a casting call for the show that is looking for two specific criteria for filming between October 12-19:

CELLISTS - brief:
- Seeking MALE only cellists. Must have experience.
- Ideally men with medieval or period faces (i.e long hair & beard) but not essential.

AMPUTEES - brief:
- You must be OK and comfortable with filming a scene within the context of a battle where your leg has been injured. Prosthetic makeup will be applied as though your leg has newly been severed. We understand that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if you are happy to participate.

Cellists would generally be needed at some sort of banquet or celebration and amputees for a massive battle sequence. Fitting in with the timeline that the first two seasons followed, it looks like THRONES fans are about to see The Red Wedding. For those of you who want to know what that is, The Red Wedding is a massacre that leaves thousands dead, including a couple of very significant members of the Stark family.

GAME OF THRONES has the advantage of being on HBO so they do not have to pull any punches when filming, but the graphic content of the scene as written in the novel may be too much even for pay cable. If they do film everything from the book, it will definitely go down as one of the most shocking scenes in television history.

Any GAME OF THRONES fans out there excited to see The Red Wedding?

Source: Westeros.org



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