Is George Miller done with Mad Max?

Ever since MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was met with critical acclaim, George Miller has been vocal about where the story might go from there. A sequel with Tom Hardy and even a spin-off with Charlize Theron's Furiosa has been brought up, and given how well FURY ROAD turned out, why the hell not?!? Well, this is the first time we've heard any conflicting information on that front, but evidently it comes straight from the horse's mouth. According to Page Six, George Miller is done with Mad Max.

George Miller on the future of MAD MAX:

I won’t make more MAD MAX movies. I’ve shot in Australia in a field of wild flowers and flat red earth when it rained heavily forever. We had to wait 18 months and every return to the US was 27 hours. Those ‘Mad Maxes’ take forever. I won’t do those anymore.

It's a little odd to hear Miller pull a 180 after his fourth film in the saga has received so much praise, but it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. FURY ROAD was a true labor of love and Miller would never have the amount of pre-poduction time again to set up a sequel. Furthermore, it would always be compared to FURY ROAD. With that said, Hardy has signed a multi-picture deal and you can bet that Warner Bros. will be looking to go forward with more MAD MAX films, regardless of George's input. If he really is done directing, I'd hope that he'd at least stay on as a producer in some capacity.

Who would you choose to direct the next MAD MAX film?

Source: Page Six



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