Is Michelle MacLaren being eyed to direct the 2nd Star Wars anthology film?

Star Wars Anthology Film Michelle MacLaren Banner

Jon Favreau (but not Matthew Vaughn; more on that below) might still be circling the second Star Wars Anthology film, but of course he's not the only filmmaker eyeing the project, and he definitely is not the only one possibly being considered by LucasFilm and Disney to helm the movie. During the latest episode of the Meet the Movie Press podcast, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider said former WONDER WOMAN director Michelle MacLaren has had a meeting about directing the planned film. MacLaren hasn't apparently had any formal talks yet about replacing Josh Trank on the Star Wars spinoff, but she still may be up for the job.

During the podcast, it was also revealed that Matthew Vaughn is no longer interested in directing the film, which will probably be about Boba Fett. Personally I was really hoping Vaughn would join the Star Wars family, but maybe this means he'll be behind the camera for the KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel.

Although I'm not against Michelle MacLaren directing, I will be a little disappointed if she does land the gig, but only because I would have loved to see what Matthew Vaughn would have done with a Star Wars flick. This is why you shouldn't get too excited about rumors. Do you want MacLaren to direct the spinoff, or do you think there are better options out there for the project?

The second Star Wars Anthology movie is set to open in 2018.



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