Matthew Vaughn is currently writing and may direct the Kingsman sequel


It's not great a surprise that with KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE bringing it over $400 million worldwide, there would be a sequel in the works. Director Matthew Vaughn is not known to return to a franchise fto direct a sequel (despite most of his movies having them), although it looks like if there's any series that he may break this rule, it'll be KINGSMAN. Recently speaking about the upcoming sequel, he had the following to say regarding his chances of directing.

Matthew Vaughn on the KINGSMAN sequel:

The good news is that I’m writing it next door at the moment. If I think I can get the script good enough, then we are making it. We're doing our damnedest to make that happen. I have to feel inspired and that I'm doing something different and pushing my boundaries. Sequels normally, ya know, you're just doing more of the same. I'm trying to reinvent how to do a sequel at the moment and it's tough. I’m in love with these characters and I want to work with them again so I’ll probably be breaking the rule of tending not to make sequels. The bottom line is that I have to feel excited and think that I'll learn something new when I make a film.

Given how KICK-ASS 2 compared to the first, I would love if Matthew Vaughn stayed on for a KINGSMAN sequel. He's got a real knack for blending R-rated elements into a fun and entertaining package. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if he found himself tackling a new project, so I hope that whoever steps in to film KINGSMAN 2 will make us proud. Widely praised R-rated action pictures aren't exactly the norm, so we can use all the great ones we can get!

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE is now available on Blu-ray/DVD.


Source: Yahoo! Movies



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