Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

J​ohn Wick Chapter 4 is coming to theaters soon, and everyone expects another fast-paced action film. The series has brought the use of crazy action and gunplay to the big screen. While this franchise may have perfected it, other films have used such techniques to give their stories a kinetic energy that fans love. What are some of the best to watch to prepare for the newest John Wick entry?

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

The Bourne Identity (2002)

T​his film may have started the modern trend of high-energy action scenes. When a man is found floating in the ocean with bullet holes in his back, he is brought aboard a fishing boat. He wakes up but finds he has no memory of who he is. The only clue he has is a Swiss bank account number. He tries to discover who he really is but soon finds that others are following him. When confronted, he finds that he has instinctive fighting skills. This leads to a showdown with those who know his identity.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

T​aken (2008)

A​ girl is kidnapped while on a trip to Paris. Before the assailants grab her, she calls her father. He tells her he will find her. When he talks to the kidnapper, he tells him he will find and kill him. The father is a former spy and has connections all over the world. He begins to travel all over Europe to find his daughter and make those that kidnapped her pay. The film that transformed Liam Neeson into an action star at age 50.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

A​tomic Blonde (2017)

T​his one actually came out in the wake of John Wick, and seems inspired by it. An MI6 agent enters Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the death of another agent. She is also to deliver a list of double agents. She crosses paths with rival agents during her assignment and has to fight her way out to survive. Charlize Theron stars as the main character and does some incredible stunts.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

The Big Hit (1998)

M​ark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips lead a film about a group of hit men who take a side job to kidnap the daughter of a powerful executive. What they didn’t know was that the girl was the goddaughter of their boss. One of the hitmen betrays them, and now they are left to figure out how to survive an all-out war they caused. This film plays more into the comedic realm, but John Woo produced it. They lean into the action Woo was known for at the time and turn out an entertaining film.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

K​ingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

A​ secret spy organization tries to recruit the son of one of their fallen agents. His street smarts and fearless attitude seems to disqualify him, but his father’s old partner sees potential in him. Meanwhile, a tech billionaire plans to kill off most of the world. When the chips are down, the newest recruits are tasked with saving everyone and ending the world-ending scheme. The action scenes are fast-paced and a lot of fun to watch.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

T​he Transporter (2002)

J​ason Statham stars as Frank. He is an ex-special forces that specializes in transporting people or things. To keep himself safe, he has a strict set of rules. During one of his routine jobs, he violates one of his rules when he sees the package move. It’s a woman who is bound and gagged. He finds he is mixed up in something more than he bargained for. Now he has to keep himself from getting killed as well as keeping the woman safe. Not only does the film feature a lot of hand-to-hand action, but also a lot of vehicular mayhem, which John Wick fans should love.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

Nikita (1990)/P​oint Of No Return (1993)

A​ young woman is sent to death row after a botched robbery sees her kill a police officer. A government official offers her a chance to become an assassin. Given a new life and identity, she is now on call to perform for the government. When she falls in love with someone, she wonders if this is the life she wants. The government, though, won’t let her go. There are a few options for this, as Point Of No Return is a remake of Luc Besson’s french film Le Femme Nikita. Both deliver on what they promise. Then if you want even more, there was a TV series based on the film that ran for five seasons.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

W​anted (2008)

A​ nerdy office clerk learns that his father was an expert assassin who had just been killed. When he is pulled into the world of Fraternity, he learns that he has abilities that make him efficient at killing. He begins to train with the group to get revenge on the person who killed his father. Through this, he learns new techniques and abilities that defy physics and make him more powerful. Pushing the action envelope using CGI to play up the use of guns in the film and create fun action set pieces.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

A​nna (2019)

A​nna appears to be a frail young woman who is working in the fashion industry. The dangerous truth is that she is actually a deadly assassin. The CIA wants to work with her to dethrone the current head of the KGB. She goes along with their plan if they can promise her freedom. The film is full of fun spy action and multiple twists and turns.

Action Films To Watch Before John Wick Chapter 4

The Matrix (1999)

Another big action franchise that starred Keanu Reeves. This series redefined the action genre for decades to come. Neo is clued into the fact that the world is not what it seems. It’s all a computer simulation. Using this info, he is able to learn new fighting techniques and use the simulation against itself as agents seek to stop those that oppose the system. Neo has to stop the evil computer programs and help free the human race from slavery.

W​hat is your favorite high-paced action films? Are you excited for John Wick Chapter 4? Let us know in the comments.

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