James Mardsen, Thomas Jane and Billy Bob Thornton Vs a killer grizzly bear

Do I really need to go on? Your ticket should be bought already.

Variety is reporting that James Mardsen, Thomas Jane and Billy Bob Thronton are set to star in RED MACHINE from Indomitable Entertainment and Paul Schiff Productions. Mardsen and Jane play two estranged brothers who are coming together on a camping trip with their girlfriends. The trip goes as trips to the woods usually go in movies- badly- and they end up being attacked and stalked by a horrifying grizzly bear called The Red Machine. Hence the title. To stop it they join forces with Thronton, who plays a legendary bear expert and hunter. 

So I ask again, do I really need to go on? 

The film is being directed by David Hackl (SAW V) from a script by J.R. Reher.

"In Red Machine I want to examine the thrill of very real fear. An audience is more easily drawn in by a story that they consider plausible and relatable -- something that could actually take place in the real world. Just by the premise you know something bad is going to happen."

But seriously, Billy Bob the bear hunter. Slap that on a poster and their marketing is done.

Source: Variety



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