Jeff Wadlow has delivered a new script for the Masters of the Universe movie

Looks like the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie is one step closer to becoming a reality as screenwriter Jeff Wadlow has turned in a new draft of the screenplay to Columbia Pictures. Wadlow has been attached to the film since the middle of last year as both writer and possible director, but this seems to be the first confirmation we have that the project is developing under his guidance.

In fact, DeVon Franklin, the Senior Vice President of Development at Columbia Pictures tweeted the cover page of the latest MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE script, proving to fans this is not rumor and conjecture.

Jeff Wadlow also participated in a podcast for He-Man.org where he discussed how he built maquettes, character designs, visual effects pre-visualization, and cut a trailer for the studio to convince them the job should have been his. Wadlow stated that while he is not officially attached as director, he only took the job rewriting the screenplay with the aim to direct.

Whether MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE actually happens is anybody's guess, but with Sony on the lookout for potential franchises and a finished screenplay in their hands, the odds are looking better than ever that we will see a new big screen adventure for He-Man.

Extra Tidbit: Thanks to Platypus Rex for the heads up!
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