Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt are love lost in space in Passengers trailer

For those of you who hate the whole “teasing a trailer” business the studios like to do, and were quite distraught when you discovered that yesterday’s PASSENGERS footage was just that, then never fear, because I have the real deal. Ssssh, I got you, I got you. No one can hurt you anymore.

Here it is!

The trailer featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt is full of space action, if not as particularly emotionally resonant as I would’ve hoped. Still, it looks like a fun space roll in the space hay, and if the movie ends up being more of a tearjerker than the trailer leads on to be, then bonus points.

This movie has been exciting a lot of folks for a while now. Not only does it feature two of the biggest actors today, but it’s also a space adventure (a genre that has seen a burst in box office success) slash romance movie. Oh, and it’s directed by Morten Tyldum who surprised everyone with THE IMITATION GAME. Needless to say this will be a huge hit come December, with the only thing standing in its way being ROGUE ONE. If not for that little flick I would say it has the potential to blow out, like, TITANIC big. Two heartthrob leads, a setting that teases big action at the end, and a romance angle. All that hints at success, and all we have to do is wait to see if it’s good…and to see if dinosaurs show up. Those guys just follow Pratt everywhere.

PASSENGERS floats into space on December 21 with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.



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