Joe Manganiello doesn't seem sure about Deathstroke's status in The Batman

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Warner Bros.' DCEU has been experiencing quite an overhaul this past year, including a major restructuring of THE BATMAN. In addition to starring in the film, Ben Affleck was also set to co-write and direct THE BATMAN, but Affleck later dropped out of the director's chair and was replaced by Matt Reeves (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES). At the time it seemed that Reeves would be working from the existing script, but the director later confirmed that they would be starting from scratch. Although we didn't know much about THE BATMAN, we did know that Joe Manganiello would be playing Deathstroke, but, with the the script going back to the drawing board, Deathstroke's status is no longer assured.

Joe Manganiello recently spoke with THR, and the topic of THE BATMAN was brought up.

I think a lot of people are wondering what the status of Deathstroke is in the next Batman movie now that Ben Affleck is off the project as director. Do you have any information about that?

I don’t. Well, I do but nothing that I can share. I know everything but I can’t say any of it.

Was that imparted in a happy way or a downtrodden way? I’m trying to interpret the fluctuations in your tone.

[Pause.] I’m shooting for a neutral tone.

You’re succeeding.


Any idea when we’ll find out?

It’s not up to me. That’s a good question for Warner Bros. and D.C.

Joe Manganiello obviously couldn't say much, but there are a few possibilities we can draw from his comments. This is all speculation, but it's possible that Manganiello's role in the film may no longer be quite as large as it once was. When it was announced that Manganiello would be playing Deathstroke, it was assumed that the character would be putting in an appearance in Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE before taking center stage in THE BATMAN. Now, with Matt Reeves putting together a new script, the role which Joe Manganiello signed on for may no longer be there.

We'll probably have a much better idea about Deathstroke's status in THE BATMAN as Matt Reeves continues developing the film, but our first major hint may arrive in JUSTICE LEAGUE on November 17, 2017, when we see whether Deathstroke even turns up in the film.

Are you hoping that Joe Manganiello is still onboard as Deathstroke in THE BATMAN, or would you prefer a new villain(s)?

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