Jonah Hill and Mark Wahlberg team for a Lethal Weapon style action flick?

With Jonah Hill starring alongside Channing Tatum in the action-comedy 21 JUMP STREET and Mark Wahlberg starring alongside Will Ferrell in the action-comedy THE OTHER GUYS, it probably shouldn't surprise me that much that Hill and Wahlberg are planning to star in an action-comedy together. But somehow it still does.

Hill and Wahlberg are in talks to co-star in THE GOOD TIME GANG, a film described as a "new spin on LETHAL WEAPON" with the two leads starring as hard-partying mercenaries forced by the CIA to track down a terrorist that happens to be Hill's father.

The script was written by Max Landis (father of legendary director John Landis) who's got a hot hand in Hollywood lately with his scripts and short films (he's currently writing a FRANKENSTEIN film for Fox).

GANG is the latest in a string of not-quite-comedies for Hill who has JUMP STREET, THE SITTER and now this film all with heavy action elements on his schedule. And Wahlberg has been working more towards comedies with THE OTHER GUYS, Seth McFarlane's TED and another Will Ferrell comedy THREE MISSISSIPPI.

I'm still not sure I see Hill and Wahlberg together but maybe that's the genius of pairing these two up. I can certainly see Wahlberg as a modern day Martin Riggs so at least that part of the equation adds up...

Source: LA Times



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