Joss Whedon says the Guardians of the Galaxy will not appear in The Avengers 2

Despite being a key part of Phase Two, Joss Whedon has shot down rumors that the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY cast of characters will be appearing on screen in THE AVENGERS 2. While this does not rule out any members of THE AVENGERS 2 from showing up in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, it seems that Marvel wants to start new franchises without linking them directly.

When asked about the potential crossover, Whedon had this to say:

We’re following Guardians at Shepperton [with Avengers 2] but we won’t be swapping cast members. Every movie is its own thing and has to be. Unless I take a lot of peyote and write a very different draft… and I’m not ruling that out.

Whedon could just be playing mum on the entire topic as to keep any possible mystery in what may be the most highly anticipated sequel of of all time. There have been long standing rumors that Tony Stark would be gracing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY but things seem difficult enough as it is just getting confirmation that Robert Downey Jr will even be in THE AVENGERS 2.

I respect that Whedon wants to allow the standalone films to have their own creative process, but he created a mold with the first film that THE AVENGERS 2 has to live up to, so a certain level of crossover is to be expected by fans. Whether that extends to the lesser known GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY remains to be seen.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is slated to open on August 1, 2014 and THE AVENGERS 2 on May 1, 2015.

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