Justice League Blu-Ray to include bonus scene not shown in theaters

Good news, everyone! If you were looking forward to owning a copy of Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE when it hits Blu-ray on April 4th, Wal-Mart is set to have an exclusive version of the film that includes a bonus scene not shown in theaters.

As of the moment, we've no idea what that scene will be. After all, JUSTICE LEAGUE is known to have been a project that left much on the cutting room floor. Could it be the Kiersey Clemons Flash sequence, featuring the DCEU's debut of Iris West? Is it footage of Superman's infamous black suit that we heard so much about, way back when? Do we perhaps get to see more of Atlantis, and by that same token, more of Mera being a total badass? The possibilities are vast, my friends.

I just want to emphasize, again, that the bonus scene is a JUSTICE LEAGUE Wal-Mart Blu-ray exclusive, and that the content will not be included in the director's cut that so many fans have been clamoring for. Be sure to purchase your copy of the film accordingly, especially if you really enjoyed it and are eager to own every possible frame available to the fans.

The JUSTICE LEAGUE Wal-Mart Exclusive bundle is poised to ship from the warehouse on March 30th and is likely to arrive in stores by April 4th. Be sure to arrive early or pre-order your copy, as sometimes the department store's exclusive merchandise can sell out faster than you'd think.

Source: walmart.com



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