Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin will relax with Jason Reitman on Labor Day

Reitman, Winslet, Brolin? It's like seeing "Coen, Bridges, Mirren" or "Scorsese, DiCaprio, De Niro." You know that there are some Oscar nominations forthcoming.

We've known a bit about Reitman's LABOR DAY for a while now, but now with this cast, it's hard to imagine it won't be an awards contender in some regard. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin have signed up to play a lonesome mother and an escaped convicted murderer who fall in love over Labor Day weekend.

The film is based on a 2009 novel from Joyce Maynard, set to shoot in 2012. Winslett has been a lonely mother before in LITTLE CHILDREN and Brolin an escaped killer in TRUE GRIT, so I can't imagine either role would be too terribly much of a stretch for either. But will they have chemistry? That's the question. Actually, I'm sorry, the real question is how often will Kate Winslet be naked?

The news comes from EW, and they have a further examination of the plot if you want to take a look:

Set in the early ’80s over the late summer holiday weekend, Labor Day opens with divorced, depressed single mom Adele clothes shopping with her 13-year-old son Henry, who encounters a large, fearsome man — who also happens to be bleeding badly. He asks for a ride, and against all judgment, they give him one. Are they hostages, accomplices … or just deluded? As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become more and more.

Extra Tidbit: This is for 2012, but who do you think are the early Oscar contenders for this year?
Source: EW



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