Katrina Bowden a new face (and body) for American Reunion

AMERICAN REUINION has done what would seem to be impossible by reuniting pretty much every single cast member from the original for the fourth (theatrical) film in the series. Although it's significantly less impressive when you look at the subsequent careers of most of them like Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Tara Reid, whose careers probably peaked with the first film.

But at least one new fresh face is being added to the cast in the form of 30 ROCK and future PIRANHA 3DD hottie Katrina Bowden. The role is presumably that of Kara who is "the sweet girl next door you used to babysit... now she's a senior in high school and a full blown hottie." Bowden looks about the age and type to meet that description.

When we last reported on this, Niki relayed that this to be a "Nadia" type role from the first film, and that nudity was required. I'm not sure if Bowden seems like the type to go topless in a film like this. But I suppose we can dream.

Update: Guess not, she's actually playing the hard partying LA girlfriend of Chris Klein's Oz.

Regardless of who ends up taking their clothes off, I'm going to specifically request that Tara Reid leaves hers on for the duration of the film.

One more of Bowden for the road, a still from TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL, a hilarious film which you must see if you haven't, as I don't think it got, or is getting wide release. And did I mention there's this:

Extra Tidbit: How many DVD sequels did this series get? Like five? Hard to believe a franchise can come back from that. It would be ironic if this was only one they couldn't get Eugene Levy for.
Source: Variety



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